nimm mich mit - take me along The project takes place in the following cities Munich / Genoa / Kosice / Graz / Zagreb / Rotterdam / Sarajevo The motorhomes will set up in central public spaces in each of these cities to form a temporary artist village. Every time the exhibitions will be reconceived anew, taking inspiration from the particularities of each city. In the following ten days, city residents will then have the opportunity to visit the art caravan and see the works created in each motorhome.  Schedule 2015 June 2015: Munich (Germany) July 2015: Zagreb (Croatia)  August 2015: Kosice (ECOK 2013 / Slovakia*) September 2015: Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2016 June 2016: Graz (ECOK 2003 / Austria*) July 2016: Genoa (ECOK 2004 / Italy*) August 2016: Rotterdam (ECOK 2001 / Nederland*) September 2016: Ending in Munich (Germany) * European Capital of Culture
p2b caravan projects take me along
2015 + 2016
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