Call for young curators and artists 10 emerging curators from 10 European cities take 10 young artists on a trip We invite young curators to apply together with an artist of their choice from their city.  Each of the ten selected curators will then be paired with one of the ten selected artists, a different artist for each city to be visited. Each of these pairs will share a motorhome, which will be transformed by the artist.  The convoy of ten motorhomes will travel to each participating city and set up a temporary “trailer park” in a public place. There, the artists will have a week to create their works in the motorhomes, which will then be presented to the public for a period of ten days. For the following city, each curator will be paired with another artist and the process of transforming the motorhomes will begin anew. The official call for artists follows in the coming months.
p2b caravan projects take me along
2015 + 2016
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