art.homes:  an exchange program of Munich-Istanbul artists art.homes is an art project which – under the motto of friendship – aims at promoting young artists from Munich and Istanbul. Ten artists from Munich and ten from Istanbul will meet and be paired up to share and make use of 10 apartments in Istanbul (2010) and in Munich (2011). The artists are supposed to respond to the specific spatial situation of each apartment and work there experimentally, so that everyday homes will be transformed into art laboratories. Their art-in-progress will also be accessible to the public for the duration of 10 days. Further to the artistic work itself, the development of friendships between the artist pairs constitutes an essential aspect of this project, as this may provide perspectives for their further collaboration. art.homes pursues an experimental concept of exhibition: the limits of art and the artists themselves are to be tested and exhausted. The artists, coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds must, first virtually, let their ideas of space-specific work react to one another and then, in reality, channel them into a common use of the apartment. This implies necessary compromises that go beyond traditional artistic collaboration.art.homes will initiate not only a new, more intensive dialogue between artists from  Munich and Istanbul but also promote a broader cultural exchange between the two cities.Interpersonal meetings will initiate an integrative process, which will have direct and long lasting effects. art.homes moreover constitutes the foundation for ongoing  friendly relations between the urban districts of Beyoglu/Istanbul and Altstadt/Lehel in Munich. The dialogue process on the artistic and human level will be supervised for a period of two years and will hopefully result in a wide range of new art and culture projects.
p1a      an exchange program of      Munich-Istanbul artists
2010 + 2011
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