New art and artists need new presentation forms More than any other art form, the visual arts have developed and expanded in various directions. Traditional museum-like presentations are no longer appropriate for many of these new forms. New innovative presentation forms are needed. The young curators and artists selected for “nimm mich mit” will be equipped and prepared accordingly. The promotion of upcoming artists is an important driver of further innovation in contemporary art. But it is equally important to provide support for emerging curators as well. Following the successful creation and realization of its first project under the art.homes name, which featured young artists from Munich and Istanbul under the motto “Friendship”, art.homes now aims to introduce new forms of art promotion while building bridges between young curators and artists. art.homes uses unusual and experimental methods to open up new possibilities in promotion and support of the visual arts. Its latest project will gather artists and curators from different countries to live and work together in an intensive exchange.  In addition to new presentation forms and settings for art, the primary goal is to facilitate and encourage a dialogue between the curators, artists and visitors. Promoting emerging artists drives further innovation in contemporary art A major topic in this dialogue will be the big challenge the artists face in having to work on-site in a very particular space with limited possibilities. Within this context, a lively exchange on the understanding of what art is as well as the definition of curatorial practice will ensue. art.homes makes the curators responsible for the independent organization of their respective local exhibitions (not the overall project organization) and all curatorial measures required to support their assigned artist.   The experience gained through organizing a project, exhibiting art and managing an artist will school the up-and-coming curators well beyond the usual scope and qualify them for several professional fields. The aim to connect 10 European cities through this kind of collaboration is unique and ensures a lasting process and continuous cooperation amongst all involved. This will arise out of their intense engagement with the situation, both in terms of time (for several weeks in each city over a span of three years) and space (in motorhomes the artists share with curators previously unknown to them). The motorhomes serve as art laboratories, in which outer influences condense into ideas. This doubles the dynamic of the project as a whole while remaining true to the character of art.homes.
Concept nimm mich mit - take me along ten curators_ten artists_ten caravans_ten european cities
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2015 + 2016
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